Facebook Analytics Beta for Instagram and Pages

Facebook is now offering beta access to two new additions to their Facebook Analytics; Instagram account and advanced Page analytics.

The new Instagram analytics are designed to help marketers better understand what Instagram activities are leading to conversions and revenue generation.

According to a Facebook Analytics blog post, the new tools will all allow advertisers to:

• Discover whether people who comment on or like Instagram posts have higher retention rates.

• Compare the lifetime value of people who interact with your Instagram account to those who don't.

• Create segments: e.g., all the people who commented on one of your posts—and analyze the value they bring to your business.

• Understand your Instagram audience overlaps with the people downloading your app, or visiting your website, or even engaging with your Facebook Page.

Some new advanced analytics will be available for Facebook Page performance, providing a higher-level view of Page events like post impressions, follows/unfollows, likes/unlikes and others. Marketers will be able to create new audience segments from these engagements


Note that access to this beta is rolling out gradually to advertisers. Facebook indicates that advertisers will receive a notification in their Facebook Analytics dashboard when the features are available.

New Facebook Measurement Tool

Facebook just announced an exciting new measurement tool to help marketers with measuring the results of their ads and tying those results to a customer’s digital journey, both online and offline.

Previously only available to a select group of businesses, Facebook Attribution is now available to all advertisers.

With the new tool, advertisers can observe the impact of ads across the array of Facebook services and apps as well as across publishers. Cross-device reporting is available also to inform a better understanding of a customer’s digital behavior and where conversions occurred.


The tool helps advertisers assign credit based on Facebook’s data-driven attribution model; identifying which ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger had the greatest impact on driving business outcomes. In short, identifying which ad strategies are working and worth pursuing further.


Facebook Attribution is powered by Facebook pixel.

Live Video for Instagram Available Globally

Live Video for Instagram Available Globally

Instagram announced today that live video on Instagram Stories is rolling out to the global Instagram community over the next week. 

We're excited to see this update, Instagram Stories is already a great place to enhance your regular Instagram feed; live video makes it an even more exciting and compelling addition to your social media content strategy.